Water & Wastewater

Mission Statement

To provide a safe, potable water supply for customers of the Kiowa water utility within the guidelines and regulations of the state and federal government.


Water Production

The water supply for the City of Kiowa comes from two ground water wells.  Water is pumped from the ground water wells and treated.  From the wells, water is then pumped 18 miles via a transmission line to Hazelton and Kiowa.


Water Department Duties

  • Maintain wells and well house
  • Track and record the gallons used
  • Complete water sampling
  • Maintain chemical content in water
  • Maintain chemical supply and inspect pumps
  • Maintain communications with Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE)
  • Maintain records of water quality and quantity
  • Repair, replace and exercise water valves, meters and hydrants annually
  • Maintain the supply of water to the pool
  • Maintain and inspect the water towers
  • Read 600+ water meters monthly
  • Change out water meters on an as needed basis annually
  • Perform non-payment shut-offs annually
  • Perform daily service orders
  • Perform utility locates
  • Repair and replace old, non-functioning meters
  • Repair and replace fire hydrants
  • Repair and replace broken water mains/transmission pipe
  • Have employees on call for 24 hour service