Refuse & Recycling (Closed until further notic

The City of Kiowa sanitation department provides once-a-week garbage collection three days a week to the people of Kiowa, Hazelton and the surrounding area.  Other sanitation services include bulk item pickup and dumpster rental service.  The City also offers two weeks free rental on dumpsters.  The sanitation department also provides bi-annual bulk item pick-up day which are typically held in April and October.

The Sanitation Department operates a recycle center open to people residing in Kiowa and the surrounding area.  Folks within a 25 mile radius come to the recycle center twice a month to drop off recyclable material.  Volunteer groups like the Future Farmers of America (FFA), 4-H, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), and the Girl Scouts to name a few, assist with sorting the various materials before they are transported by City employees to a recycle facility in neighboring Harper County.  Kiowa has maintained its commitment to reducing landfill waste for nearly 15 years.


Allowable Recycle Items

We want to thank all of our patrons for participating and working with the recycling program we have in our town. To keep all of our customers current on the types of items that we are able to accept, we are updating the public as to what is taken at our facility.

Paper Products (sorted separately):

  1. Newspapers (remove slick ads and coupons)
  2. Magazines, Catalogs, slick ads & coupons
  3. Phone books
  4. White ledger-office paper (black print only) White with black print versus office paper is $50-$100 difference per pack.
  5. Other office papers (no adhesive address or other labels, carbon paper, or cellophane windows-remove by tearing around) They say the plastic windows don't make much difference.
  6. Shredded paper
  7. Corrugated cardboard -flattened (paper sacks recycle with this)
  8. Chipboard (e.g. can and bottle boxes, cereal boxes, egg cartons) Milk carton types- waxy-do not take. If can't tear by hand don't take.
  9. Large sheets of packing paper could fall in one of 3 categories:
    1. Dull finish recycle with newspapers
    2. Brown colored recycle with corrugated cardboard
    3. Shiny type recycles with office papers e.


Other Materials:

  1. Aluminum: beverage cans
  2. Tin: food containers
  3. Glass: clear, brown, green (sorted in separate boxes)
  4. Plastic #1: ALL #1's (color does NOT matter)
  5. Plastic #2: ALL #2's that are opaque-frosted-cloudy (e.g. milk, vinegar, juice) (These numbers are located in a triangle on the bottom of the item)

Please be sure to remove ALL lids from bottles and glass items and dispose of the lids (they are NOT a item we recycle). Pour out liquids from items and rinse!! The center can NOT accept any item containing liquid (paint) or powder or batteries of any type.

Don't forget to break down cardboard boxes to save our volunteers and city employee's time.

If you are bringing a large amount of recycling, please come early and plan to stay to help with unloading and sorting. Workers at the center are all volunteers and if YOU are interested in working with us, give your name and number to a worker.

Thank you again for your faithful patronage! Keep up the good work keeping us busy!