City of Kiowa Budget

The City of Kiowa’s budget is much more than an accounting document. The budget serves as an outline of how the City should best use its resources to benefit citizens. With an annual budget of a $3.1 million, the City of Kiowa must determine how to utilize its resources to perform and improve City functions. It is with this understanding that elected officials make decisions regarding which services, programs, and other expenditure priorities to include in the annual budget.

What is a Municipal Budget?

Each year the City must forecast the revenues and expenditures for the next fiscal year. For cities in Kansas, the fiscal year runs from January 1 to December 31. Every year, the budget must be presented to the public and City Council by the City Administrator to be officially adopted no later than August 25th. Once adopted, the budget in essence sets the limits on spending for the fiscal year. For example, the budget for 2017 was developed and passed by Council on August 16, 2016.

The City is required by law to balance the budget each year. Monitoring of the budget is done throughout the year to determine if the City is functioning within the budget limits. The Cash and Budget report is presented to Council at the regular meeting of the month. Adjustments are made, if needed, to maintain the set spending limits.

The budget also serves as a management and planning tool. Because the City is limited by the amount of resources forecasted, the budget helps City Council and Staff in determining which objectives have the highest priorities and have the greatest impact on the community.

The City of Kiowa has two sources of funds: General Funds and Enterprise Funds.

General Funds

General Funds are collected through taxes, franchise fees, and assorted other fees (i.e. permits). General Funds are used to support services that typically do not general resources to support itself. Services supported by the general fund include Council, Administration, Police, Fire, Street/Highway, Parks, Economic Development and the City Pool.

Enterprise Funds

Enterprise Funds are a type of fund accounts for specific services that are funded directly through user fees. These funds are intended to be fully self-supporting and are not subsidized by the General Fund. The City currently has four enterprise funds: Electric, Water, Refuse and Wastewater.

General Fund Tax Dollars at Work

The links below provide a breakdown of General Fund services provided by the City of Kiowa and how they are funded by your tax dollar for the 2018 Fiscal Year.

Below are links to provide further information on the 2018 Budget and the Audit Report for Fiscal Year 2017: