About Kiowa

Located along the state line between Kansas and Oklahoma, the City of Kiowa is a town with a population of 1,026. Wheat farming has long been one of Kiowa’s major industries. Every year during wheat harvest, officials from all over Kansas turn their eyes to Kiowa as a key indicator of how the harvest will be for the state. Besides agriculture, Kiowa is also home to products that are sold across the globe.

Several years ago, the people of Kiowa recognized a need to modernize the local hospital so in 2013, the new Kiowa District Hospital was completed. This new 27,600 sq. ft. facility provides services such as emergency room, labs, therapy and surgery to meet the medical needs of Kiowa and the surrounding area. The hospital also manages the Kiowa Hospital District Manor, recently updated rest home facility.

The City of Kiowa has excellent schools in South Barber USD 255, an efficient governing body, active civic organizations and women’s clubs, and a prosperous downtown business establishments. Just north of Main Street is an up-to-date-library and the Kiowa Historical Museum. The Kiowa Community Building is widely used for events ranging from estate sales and dances, to a dinner theater and election headquarters. The local news paper is published weekly featuring news from Kiowa and the surrounding cities of Hardtner, Hazelton in Kansas, and Burlington in Oklahoma. For entertainment, Kiowa has a movie theater that premieres current films every weekend. The Kiowa Public Pool, located in Progress Park, is open all summer.

As you may be able to tell, Kiowa may be small in population but not in quality of life. That’s why the people of Kiowa enjoy Living in the Heartland.